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"The Highwaymen" -- by Daniel Schulman & James Ridgeway for Mother Jones -- An expose' about the sale of the IN Toll Road by Mitch Daniels -- this is a MUST READ !!



Indiana Toll Road

"The Highwaymen" - Read this excellent expose' about last year's lease of the Indiana Toll Road - clicking this link will take you away from

Running east-west along northern Indiana, the 157 mile Indiana Toll Road connects the Ohio Turnpike and the Chicago Skyway.  This is a major route for the truck transportation of goods through Indiana

A Little History

In 2006, the state Legislature granted Governor Mitch Daniels the authority to enter into a privatization agreement with Cintra-Macquarie to lease the Indiana Toll Road for 75 years.

Privatization Agreement

The lease agreement includes a non-compete clause whereby no 20 mile stretch of road within 10 miles of the Toll Road may be upgraded to a 4-lane divided highway for at least 55 years.

The agreement also has a provision that allows Cintra-Macquarie to be compensated if other road upgrades or any action by the state reduces the income from the toll road.

INDOT and the Indiana Finance Authority are currently in the midst of a public comment period regarding their current proposal to raise tolls on the Indiana Toll Road.  They estimate that 10,000 Indiana small businesses will bare an annual economic impact totally about $1 million in year 1 and an addition $160,000 in each of the years 2 through 4.

Future toll increases are limited to the greater of 2%, the annual increase in the Consumer Price Index or the annual growth in per capital GDP.  Cintra-Macquarie can recoup the cumulative increases once the 10 year toll freeze for commuters living along the Indiana Toll Road is over.

Profitable Venture - for Cintra-Macquarie

Macquarie reported to its investors that its investment will be returned within 15 years.  The expected annual return is between 12.5% and 13.5%.  The Indiana Toll Road cost them $3.6 billion.  Toll payers are expected to pay an estimated $120 billion over the 75 year lease period.

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